Tuesday April 3rd

Cream of Chicken on biscuits, served with veggie. $6.50

Thursday April 5th
Beef stew on bed of rice, with side salad. $6.50


Tuesday April 10th

Goulash, veggie & garlic toast. $6.50


Thursday April 12th
Fried chicken legs (3) mashed potatoes, country gravy, veggie & dinner roll. $6.50


Tuesday April 17th
Beef stir fry on fried rice. $6.50


Thursday April 19th
Pork chop, mashed potatoes, country gravy. $6.50

Tuesday April 24th

Tuna noodle casserole with veggie and dinner roll. $6.50


Thursday April 26th

Risky’s Buns with choice of side. $6.50